What We Do — An Overview

Public Relations:

Public Relations (PR) is creating, promoting and maintaining goodwill and a favorable image among the public toward an organization or public body. At McKee PR, Advertising & Design, we promote such goodwill through public relations articles, called press releases, featuring newsworthy events about your business.

At McKee PR Advertising & Design, we write public relations in a manner which emphasizes the newsworthiness of the article.

Press Releases:

Sent to media with accompanying photos, our press releases are ready-to-be published in a usable format for busy newspaper editors.

We offer local press release distribution in Oklahoma. National distribution is also available at a flat rate determined by the scope of publicity requested.

Our Public Relations writing services are offered on an hourly basis, divided into quarter-hour increments.

Advertising & Design:

Advertising is calling public attention to one’s product, service or need through paid announcements.

One way we draw people to your advertising is through McKee PR’s companion business, pawhuskapeople.com — a journalistic website providing feature articles about Pawhuska, Okla. This website supports your advertisements by  drawing readers through its feature news articles with photos. The website’s tagline is “Articles about the people of Pawhuska with uplifting, culturally rich themes.” Please visit the website to see our work at http://www.pawhuskapeople.com.

At just $25 per month, these modestly priced ads are a great way to spread the word about your business serving Pawhuska and Osage County!

Pawhuska People Advertising:

Your businesses advertisements start with our high-quality photography and supporting text, describing your business. The ads, offered on a month-to-month basis, include four posts on Facebook per month with photos, each highlighting an aspect of your business.

Website Design:

We specialize in WordPress.com and WordPress.org website design and maintenance. The software itself is free, and offers a wide variety of themes to give your website just the right look. Call us to discuss the differences in WordPress.com and WordPress.org to see which one is best for your needs.

The WordPress themes also provide a foundation for the design enhancements McKee PR Advertising & Design offers. With html, plugin and widget expertise, we can help you achieve a cost-effective, beautiful website design with search engine optimization!

Our website design services are offered on an hourly basis, divided into quarter-hour increments.

Adobe Photoshop Design for Print and Web:

We use Adobe Photoshop, which combines photography, typography and color designs to convey your desired message. Visit “Our Work” page on this site to see our work. Our Adobe Photoshop design services are offered on an hourly basis, divided into quarter-hour increments.

Our text writing services and photos bring your website to life. Call us today to get started on your website at 918-287-8784!